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Pompey Lottery

Raising funds for your Pompey Academy!

The Pompey Lottery was set up to raise funds for the Pompey Academy and Pompey Community Projects. This helps to fund essential equipment and resources that keeps the Academy running to a high standard.

Other than the joy of knowing you're helping out the team by donating, you also get:

- Access to multiple exclusive Lottery events.
- Entry into our weekly Lottery draw.
- The chance to win money can’t buy experiences.
- An exclusive Lottery Members Badge.
- A signed player photo of your choice.

"The Academy system couldn’t function as well as it does without the amazing support of the Pompey Lottery members" - Mark Catlin, CEO of Portsmouth FC 

"It is important that we keep trying to evolve and improve to give the boys the best chance of fulfilling their dreams of becoming professional footballers. The Pompey Lottery helps us to do that" - Mark Kelly, Head of the Pompey Academy

If you're interested in joining the Lottery members club - to support the Pompey Academy - then please click here

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For more information about joining the Pompey Lottery, call 0239 277 8532
or email