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Pompey Lottery

The Pompey Lottery is the official subscription lottery of Portsmouth FC

The exclusive lottery scheme helps to support our chosen good cause – The Pompey Academy and other chosen good causes.

Each week there are 11 guaranteed cash prizes as well as a Rollover that starts at £1,000 and increases by £250 each week until won.

There is also a whopping £12,000 to be won in our Annual Jackpot draw.

Members will have the chance to win some fantastic Pompey money can’t buy prizes including:

• A place on the team photo
• Ultimate matchday experience
• Complimentary tickets to a game and meet a player of your choice
• VIP Boardroom experience
• Training ground tour and lunch
• U18 game and lunch at the training ground
• Mascot experience for a child of your choice
• Signed Pompey memorabilia

Members also receive the following benefits:

• Exclusive member events with the opportunity to meet the players and manager.
• Membership pack and free joining gift
• Regular e-newsletter

You can join here for just £2 per week.

Or for further information email or call on 0333 320 8525.

Pompey Lottery results are published on this website every week on the news section (usually on a Friday), and there is no need to claim prizes as all winners are paid automatically!

Click here to join the Pompey Lottery. 

Click here to find the results of the weekly Pompey Lottery draws.


1. The Lottery is a subscription lottery open to any person aged 16 or over.
2. Lottery draw entries are only valid if the ticket price has been paid in advance.
3. The £12,000 Annual Draw takes place once per year and uses the Member’s ID number to select the winner. For each draw a Member has paid into, one chance in the annual draw will be given. £12,000 paid as £1,000 per month.
4. There are 52 Lucky Number lottery draws each year. Each member is allocated 5 Lucky Numbers (each number is prefixed with a letter). All 5 Lucky Numbers go into each Lucky Number lottery draw and therefore a member may win more than one prize.
5. There are 52 Jackpot lottery draws each year. Each member is allocated a unique combination of Jackpot Numbers, and if all your numbers match those drawn you win the Jackpot. If the Jackpot is not won the prize rolls over and increases by a set amount each time until won. The Jackpot Draw is uncapped.
6. The non-cash prizes may be included at various stages throughout the year and are in addition to the cash prizes.
7. All draws will be made at a time and place arranged by the Society.
8. All winners are paid out automatically to the details held by the Pompey Lottery.
9. The Society reserves the right to change, add or substitute prizes and also reserves the right to change the Rules of the Lottery from time to time.
10. Any unclaimed prizes after a period of 6 months from the date of the draw will be deemed a donation to the beneficiaries of the Society.
11. The decision of the Society is final.

Terms and conditions

1. Individuals must be 16 years old or over to join the Pompey Lottery.
2. Pompey Lottery membership includes automatic entry into the Pompey Lottery, registered with Portsmouth City Council.
3. Signed player photo: Upon joining the Pompey Lottery, new members will receive a claim form for one signed player photo.
4. Maximum of 10 memberships per person.
5. Benefits cannot be redeemed until a minimum of 3 month’s payments have been received.
6. The society will approve beneficiaries, prizes and concessions once per year.
7. Unique events may be offered. There may be a charge for these events which will always be discounted to members.
8. Donations to the beneficiaries are calculated in line with the Gambling Act 2005 and the Society oversees these payments on your behalf.
9. Experience / non cash prizes may only be transferred at the club’s discretion