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12 November 2015

Football League working with

Pompey fans will travel more than 7,252 miles if they attend every away match of the current season.

That works out as a significant travel expense – particularly if they can’t get on supporter coaches or access to rail discounts.

The Football League want to help lower the cost of home and away transport for fans across the UK, so throughout this season, the League and the UK’s largest car sharing community are working to bring affordable match travel to fans everywhere.

Car sharing is a lot like carpooling or going on a road trip with friends, where passengers all pitch in money to cover petrol. It’s not an on-demand taxi site, but Pompey fans can use Liftshare’s site to pre-book travel to games with their fellow supporters.

If you own a car, you can offer other Blues supporters a lift to home or away matches by posting details of your trip using Liftshare’s ‘Offer a Lift’ page.

You can then see how much you can make back on your petrol bill and speak with other fans in the community to find passengers to fill your spare seats.

If you don’t own a car, you can browse lifts offered by Liftshare’s community of more than 450,000 users, and see who is offering lifts on matchday.

If no suitable lift can be found, you can request one or set up notifications to be told when the perfect match is posted online.

Here is a list of more than 500 lifts currently offered via Portsmouth by Liftshare members. It’s worth looking to see what sort of prices are being offered and you’ll find they’re always cheaper than the train and often less than other forms of public transport too. 

So if the price of home or away travel is getting you down, you could try getting your mates or other fans together using Liftshare to split the cost of the trip. 

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