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All I Want For Christmas...

What did Blues players want to see under the tree?

25 December 2017

Merry Christmas

Members of the Pompey squad (and one former player) reveal their favourite Christmas gifts and what they wanted to receive this year.

My favourite was an Arsenal kit with Bergkamp and number 10 on the back – that was a fantastic present. It would always be something to do with football and Arsenal with me.

If I could have anything this year, then I suppose having my mortgage paid off would be quite nice!

I got a Nintendo 64 when I was younger and wasn’t expecting it at all. My mum and stepdad brought it out at the end after we’d opened our other presents – I think I might have cried!

It’s difficult when you get older and I don’t really need anything now. I just like giving stuff to my kids.

My PlayStation was a massive surprise because there were four of us, so I didn’t expect to get something so big and just for me.

I’m not bothered about getting anything – I’m too old for presents now. I don’t think I’ve been given anything in the past few years.

A Buzz Lightyear action figure was my best present when I was a kid. Actually, it was probably a Michael Jordan figure from Space Jam, which was my favourite film.

Without sounding too cringe, I just want everyone to have a Happy Christmas this year. That, and some new boxers would be nice.

"I just want everyone to have a Happy Christmas this year. That, and some new boxers would be nice."

Jamal Lowe

I can’t really remember my favourite ever present, but I know it would have been football related. I used to get shirts, balls, boots, goalie gloves – everything. The main thing I want this year is for everyone to be happy and healthy.

My sister and I got a trampoline when we were younger and that definitely got a lot of use. All I want this year is plenty of wins around Christmas!

I wanted a bike when I was eight, but when I went downstairs in the morning it wasn’t there. I was fuming and refused to open my other presents. My dad asked me to collect something from the garage and when I went in, there was the bike.

My missus keeps asking me what I want this year and I just don’t know what to say – a decent surprise would be nice.

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