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Results Of Safe Standing Survey

Majority of fans in favour of standing section

23 October 2017

The Frogmore Road entrance to Fratton Park

Pompey fans have given strong backing to the principle of safe standing at Fratton Park in the future.

In a recent survey, more than 3,300 fans responded and more than 82 per cent of them backed safe standing ‘in principle’ in English football.

Around three quarters of fans said they would use a safe standing section. Around half of those surveyed said they would do so even if the admission price were the same as a seat.

The full results were as follows:

1. In principle, are you in favour of safe standing being introduced in English football stadia?
· Yes I am in favour: 82%
· No I am not in favour: 10%
· I would need more information: 8%

3,333 respondents

2. If Portsmouth FC introduced a safe standing section in the stadium would you use it?

· Yes, even if the admission price was the same as for a seat: 52%
· Yes, but only if the admission price was cheaper than a seat: 24%
· No, I would never use safe standing section: 15%
· I don't know if I would use a safe standing section: 9%

3,330 respondents

More than 1,000 individual comments were also received.

Pompey CEO Mark Catlin said: “As always, I would like to thank fans for taking part in this survey.

“There is a clear message to be taken from the results and the club will be using this feedback in respect of lobbying the relevant authorities to continue to explore the possibilities of safe standing being introduced in English and Welsh football stadia.

“The responses are also helpful and timely in our thinking around the stadium strategy work which is currently being undertaken by the club, but clearly any decision to install safe standing will be dependent on the current legislation on stadia in England and Wales changing.”

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