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Pompey Supporters' Code Of Conduct

Information for fans attending Fratton Park

3 December 2020

Fratton Park

As part of the process to allow supporters back into stadiums – and in consultation with the EFL, Sports Ground Safety Authority and Safety Advisory Group – Portsmouth Football Club are required to produce a ‘Code of Conduct’ to assist with maintaining a safe environment for all those in attendance.

1. In support of the government’s ‘track and trace’ scheme, only the ticket holder can use any ticket purchased and ID may be required on entry. Each ticket must be assigned to an individual Client ID on the club’s ticketing system.

2. If a match ticket holder is showing any symptoms of Covid-19 ahead of the fixture for which they have purchased, it is their duty not to attend the fixture at Fratton Park. You should follow government guidance, which includes getting tested and self-isolating as soon as possible.

3. The ticket office will not be open on a matchday. There will, however, be ticket office personnel available to resolve any potential ticketing issues that may arise.

4. In all parts of Fratton Park, please observe social distancing. Where possible adhere to the two metre rule and avoid close contact with others not in your social bubble.

5. Please arrive in good time and remember the two metre rule as you approach the turnstile entry points. Avoid congregating on the approach to the stadium.

6. Please be aware that your temperature may be taken before entry. Not all persons will be subject to these checks, as they will be conducted randomly. Persons having a high temperature (37.8C or above) will not be permitted access.

7. Please ensure that you have a face mask with you when arriving at the stadium. You will be required to keep it on while within the stadium, except for when you are eating or drinking, or when seated. Where possible, please remain in your seat.

8. It should be noted that both dugout areas will be extended into the South Stand Lower and some personnel within this area (red zone) will not be required to wear masks. Supporters are asked not to interact with the players and officials.

9. Match balls are to be returned to the nearest steward and are not to be thrown back onto the pitch.

10. Once through the turnstiles you should proceed immediately to your allocated seat. The concourse must not be used as a meeting place or for a social gathering. You must only use the concourse area as a means of accessing your seat, when using the toilets and catering facilities (if open) or when leaving the stadium.

11. Make sure in advance that you know where your entry point is. This information will be displayed on your match ticket. In order to prevent queuing, please avoid a late arrival close to kick-off. Portsmouth Football Club have introduced safe systems to assist with minimising congested areas. The staff are on hand to help if you are unsure of anything and we ask that the staff are treated with respect when assisting you.

12. While every effort will be made to ensure social distancing is maintained, there may be occasions when staff have to engage with supporters at a distance of less than two metres, for example in a situation requiring medical intervention or the removal of a supporter who has breached Covid/ground regulations.

13. Supporters should not bring any bags larger than A4 size with them unless absolutely necessary (ie, for medical reasons). If you do need to bring a bag with you, it should be a clear, see-through plastic bag, as this will assist the speed of entry into the stadium.

14. Supporters may be subjected to a wand search at entry.

15. Initially, all kiosks inside the stadium will be closed. However, soft drinks and snacks will be made available to purchase in each stand. Please be advised that alcohol will not be available to purchase for this event and it is not permitted to bring alcohol into the stadium. Persons who attempt to bring alcohol into the stadium will be denied access.

16. Please dispose of any rubbish in the appropriate place. Do not leave rubbish or personal items in the stadium.

17. At all times and in all parts of the ground, please observe social distancing and avoid close contact with others not in your social bubble. Given the higher risk of transmission associated with singing and shouting, supporters are encouraged to use face coverings at all time.

If you need to access any of the ground’s amenities, such as toilets, a queuing system will be in operation at each of them, with some one-way systems in operation. Please observe social distancing while waiting within the queue. If you are in a concourse or a queue, please always stay within your social bubble and remain aware of the movements of others and ensure you are wearing your face covering.

19. Some of the seated areas have both up-and-down flights of stairs, which will require spectators to step into the seated area to allow the other person on the stairs to pass safely.

20. Persistent standing will not be allowed. Fans must not migrate to alternative seats and must sit in the seat that they have been issued. Non-compliance with this will result in removal from the stadium and future ticket sales to that individual will be declined.

21. If you do need to leave your viewing position, wait for a time when the gangway is clear and always follow the signs or directions of the steward indicating which way to go. When moving past other spectators, to and from your seat, please avoid face-to-face contact. You should pass each other back-to-back and, where possible, always keep to the left.

22. Please always maintain good hand hygiene – wash your hands after using the toilets and use the additional sanitiser dispensers provided throughout the stadium. Avoid touching your face, handles, railings, etc, whenever possible.

23. Always cover your mouth if you need to cough or sneeze and look to cough/sneeze into the crook of your elbow to avoid contaminating your hands.

24. If you are attending with other members of your social bubble, please make sure they have read and understood the code of conduct.

25. Please show respect for your fellow fans. Non-compliance of the code of conduct will not only potentially jeopardise public health and impact on the demands made of the NHS, but may well harm the reputation of the club and may result in future matches returning behind closed doors, with no spectators permitted entry.

26. After the game, the exit will be via the north side of the stadium. There will be sufficient time for spectators to manage their own exit in a timely manner to comply with social distancing. Please follow the stewards’ instructions when asked to do so. This is in the interests of everyone’s safety and please disperse away from the immediate area.

27. As with all events, adherence to Covid-19 guidelines is always essential to ensure safety.

28. All football stadia will be subject to inspections from the Local Authority and the Sports Ground Safety Authorities to ensure compliance.

29. Any breaches of this code of conduct or the ground regulations in general may see further action taken against individuals. Nonadherence to stewards’ directions may also result in restricted access to future games.

30. Please listen out for public address announcements throughout your visit.

31. We look forward to welcoming you back to Fratton Park. If at any time you have any concerns, please raise them immediately with your nearest safety steward.

32. Please be aware there will be no cash sales at Fratton Park. All payments for food, drink and programmes will be card only.

33. Help us to help keep you safe by complying with the code of conduct and showing respect for one another.

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