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Ensure You Are Ready For ‘My Pompey Hub’

Make supporting the Blues online even easier

11 August 2021

Pompey Hub

After recently announcing the imminent launch of ‘My Pompey Hub’, Portsmouth Football Club are pleased to confirm that supporters will be able to begin to create their accounts from tomorrow (Thursday, August 12).

Following this change over, fans will have to create their account before being able to purchase match tickets or to view their eticketing accounts moving forwards.

If you are yet to do so, ahead of the launch there are several steps you can follow to ensure you're ready for the transition

- Log into the eticketing website and familiarise yourself with your Client ID and current email address.

- In the event of an old email address currently being linked to your Ticketmaster account, please update this ahead of creating your 'My Pompey Hub' account to ensure both emails match.

- 'My Pompey Hub' accounts only allow an email address to be used once, so if you share an email address across multiple client IDs you will need to change this on your eticketing account.

- In the event of being unable to have an individual email address for each account, supporters can still manage multiple ticketing accounts by utilising the Ticketmaster groups/network.

Once you have created your new account, you will need to link your existing account number to continue purchasing tickets with the same benefits.

The new online platform will help improve the online experience for supporters across several Blues websites, which will replace the existing separate accounts for different club systems, such as eticketing and the online store.

It will also become the go-to place to update all your details.

If you have any issues updating the email on your Ticketmaster account, you can contact the ticket office via

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