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Portsmouth FC Statement: Salary Cap

Reaction to recent decision by independent arbitration panel

10 February 2021

As fans will know, Portsmouth Football Club have always been firmly opposed to the introduction of a salary cap in the EFL.

We have consistently been clear in our views that self-sustainability, on a club-by-club basis, is vital in football – and that still holds true.

However, in our opinion, the salary cap was more about a levelling of the playing field, not taking into account the size and stature of a club or its revenue generating ability.

While pleased that the independent arbitration panel has ruled in favour of the PFA, we still believe clubs have a duty to act in a financially responsible manner.

We will keep working to achieve a general financial self-sustaining model, but accepting that each club has differing revenue streams, cost base and size of its supporter base.

Following the near collapse of our own club just eight years ago, we will continue to fight to ensure such incidents never happen again.

However, we do not believe in the 'one size fits all' approach of the salary cap, which simply levels the playing field without addressing sustainability, and will continue to speak out against such proposals moving forward.

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