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Gender Pay Gap Report

Results published under the Equality Act 2010

4 April 2022

Portsmouth Football Club

Portsmouth Community Football Club Ltd is a professional football club in League One of the English Football League, employing more than 250 full and part-time employees and workers.

We are required to carry out Gender Pay Reporting under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

This involves using calculations to show the difference between the average earnings of male and female employees and workers in our organisation. It will not involve publishing individual employee data.

We are required to publish the results on our own website and the Government UK Gender Pay Gap (GPGR) website.

The above regulations require us to report several different calculations, the results of which are shown below. The relevant snapshot date of the calculations is April 5 2021.

Our highest earners are generally professional footballer players. We cannot employ female playing staff, therefore the Gender Pay Gap for players is calculated at 100 per cent. Opportunities to reduce the overall gender pay gap are therefore limited by the nature of our business.

As per the GPGR guidance for 2020/2021, employees and workers are excluded from the full-pay relevant list if they are on furloughed leave and where their pay is not fully topped up. These employees and workers are included in the employee and worker headcount, but are not included in some of the calculations below

Our matchday operations employ a large proportion of our employees and workers. Due to the disruption caused by Covid-19, the majority of these employees and workers were on furlough leave on April 5 2021. This means that this year, a large proportion of our employees and workers are not included in the calculations.

This has also resulted in a lower number of employees and workers being included in each quartile, with the upper quartile dominated by professional football players, who are male. This explains the reduction compared to previous years in the percentage of female employees and workers in the upper quartile.

We are, as a club, committed to providing equal opportunities to all our staff. We continue to seek opportunities to close the gender pay gap. However, all appointments, promotions and rewards are based solely upon an individual’s ability to perform their duties.

The club advertises all vacancies on a national basis, promoting equal opportunities, thus encouraging applications from both males and females.

We also note that all our casual staff and workers – predominantly safety stewards, hospitality staff and programme sellers – are all paid the same hourly rate of pay for their equivalent assigned role, regardless of their gender.

Andrew Cullen
Chief Executive Officer

Mean pay gap: 45.8%
Median pay gap: 14.9%
Mean bonus gap: 41.3%
Median bonus gap: 88.5%

Proportion of different genders receiving bonus payment
Male: 10.6%
Female: 3.6%

Proportion of different genders in lower quartile
Male: 88.9%
Female: 11.1%

Proportion of different genders in lower middle quartile
Male: 77.8%
Female: 22.2%

Proportion of different genders in upper middle quartile
Male: 77.8%
Female: 22.2%

Proportion of different genders in upper quartile
Male: 94.4%
Female: 5.6%

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