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To complement our lotteries, we also offer Pompey themed scratch cards. We change the themes of our scratch cards every season to give you a variety of exciting chances to win new, instant cash prizes.

Our scratch cards are a great way to combine supporting your club and giving yourself the chance to win some money. If you don’t want to commit to becoming a member of the Pompey lottery but you want to support the club every now and then, our scratch cards are a perfect alternative.

The cards are on sale for just £2 each.

Where can I buy them?

Scratch cards are on sale primarily on home matchdays in Hospitality Lounges and in the Victory Lounge.

Claiming your prize

How you claim depends on your winnings. If you hold a winning ticket, you can claim your prize from an official Pompey Lottery seller seller or by contacting the lottery department.  All claim details are printed on the reverse of the card.

You will need your winning card to claim any prize.

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